Check Service Availability

Today we serve thousands of residential homes, and as we continue to grow and expand our coverage in Florida, 
we encourage you to check for service availability in your neighborhood.


Live in an apartment complex or gated community? For services options call 877.678.6648 to learn more.

Ultra-Fast Internet in a Neighborhood Near You

We are expanding our fiber-optic network throughout Florida.  This network expansion will bring significantly faster, higher capacity, and more reliable Internet throughout communities.  

Although the construction phase is temporary, here you can learn more about us, new areas under construction, check for service availability in your neighborhood, our products, and contact us should you have additional questions. 

Made to Connect

Our state-of-the-art fiber-optic network provides access to lightning-fast, reliable Internet. Whether connecting with those who matter the most, streaming high-definition content, work at home, or enjoying your favorite online activities, we connect you quickly, seamlessly and with no restrictions.

Fiber-Focused. Florida-Based.

Trusted and serving for over 25 years, Summit Broadband is a local Florida company with cutting edge fiber-optic networks. We own and operate approximately 3,500 route miles of robust fiber-optic network infrastructure across Florida.

Today, we service thousands of customers covering residential, small to large businesses, hospitality, education and government entities. Our certified 100% fiber-optic infrastructure allows us to offer speeds equal to or greater than the biggest companies. In addition, our team of experts are Florida-based, including our call center representatives.

Why Summit Broadband

  • Lightning-fast Speeds – up to 2 Gig
  • Up to 57x Faster Uploads than Cable
  • Equal Upload and Download Speeds
  • Unlimited Data and No Throttling
  • Best Capacity and Home Coverage – with Wi-Fi 6 mesh router and extender included so you can connect all devices and everyone 
  • Secure and Stable Connection
  • No Bandwidth Sharing 
  • Excellent Phone Clear Call Quality 
  • 24 | 7 | 365 Local Customer Support
  • Headquartered in Florida
  • Quality You Can Trust - 100% Fiber Award Certification by the Fiber Broadband Association and named Top ISP for Gaming by PC Magazine!

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