Check Service Availability

Today we serve thousands of residential homes, and as we continue to grow and expand our coverage in Florida, 
we encourage you to check for service availability in your neighborhood.


Live in an apartment complex or gated community? For services options call 877.678.6648 to learn more.

Ultra-Fast Internet in a Neighborhood Near You

We are expanding our fiber-optic network throughout Florida.  This network expansion will bring significantly faster, higher capacity, and more reliable Internet throughout communities.  

Although the construction phase is temporary, here you can learn more about us, new areas under construction, check for service availability in your neighborhood, our products, and contact us should you have additional questions. 

Why Fiber is Superior Technology?


Fiber uses small flexible strands of glass to transmit data as light.

Fiber transmits data, faster, clearer, and over greater distances through pulses of light without loss of quality.

Fiber lines are secure and compromised cables are much easier to detect.

Fiber provides symmetrical speeds meaning equally fast upload and download which is perfect for work videoconferencing, uploading, and sharing large files, or just gaming with friends and not worrying about lagging speeds.


Copper Cable uses coaxial copper core cable insulated with aluminum, a copper shield, and an outer plastic layer.

Copper Cable, which functions on the transmission of electrical signals, is slower and susceptible to interference from harsh weather, moisture, radio signals and any other form of electromagnetic interference.

Copper lines are more at risk of being tapped, comprising your personal or sensitive data.

Copper Cable only offers asymmetrical speeds, meaning you are typically subject to sharing bandwidth with your neighbors, resulting in an inconsistent home network.

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