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Today we serve thousands of residential homes, and as we continue to grow and expand our coverage in Florida, 
we encourage you to check for service availability in your neighborhood.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What's Going On in Your Neighborhood? 

Summit Broadband is bringing state-of the-art fiber-optic Internet options to you and is no small project! 

The construction phase is temporary, and we know that dealing with construction can get messy sometimes, but don't worry, we will make every effort to minimize any disruptions do our best to restore all areas we disturb to the previous condition. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide fast, reliable and affordable fiber internet

Whether you are taking our fiber services or not, the first two steps of the construction process will affect everyone that is within the construction area.

To be among the first to be notified when services become available at your home, please enter your address and contact information in the address bar at the top of this page. 

About Construction Process:

1. Locate existing utilities You'll see paint on the roads and in yards indicating where other utilities are buried. Before we build, we ask the utility companies to come out and mark where their lines are located to avoid damaging them.

2. Place fiber along the road - Fiber-optic cable for this project will either be placed on existing utility poles or buried along an easement near the road. We may dig in the yard to verify the location of other utilities. This process is called spotting. For underground fiber installation, a method called directional boring will be used. This creates a path for fiber that is at least three feet deep with minimal surface disruption. Along this path, we will also install hand holes that will allow us access to our fiber when necessary. Please be mindful that crews may utilize bucket trucks to hang fiber-optic cable on roadside utility poles. This may temporarily impede the flow of traffic. Please pass by our teams safely when you encounter them.

Fiber-Optic Service at Home

Connecting fiber to your home - During and after construction, you will receive communication from us about available services and how to order. When your order is confirmed, our Summit Broadband team will work with you to connect fiber from the right-of-way to your home. The Fiber to your home may be aerial or may be places underground depending on the circumstances. We will then place a small box on the side of your home for your fiber connection. Please advise the technician of the areas of the yard we should avoid-like an invisible dog fence or sprinkler system.

Installation - Once you have signed up for Summit Broadband services, a technician will access your home to connect everything inside and turn on your fiber services. We will be happy to teach you about the equipment if you have questions.

Learn More

1. What is aerial fiber? Aerial fiber is fiber optic cable that is installed on utility poles instead of be buried. The major benefit of aerial fiber is the reduction in cost of installation and the speed at which the network can be constructed.

2. What are the black cases hanging from the lines? The black cases are called splicing terminals. They provide a connection between lengths of fiber and make repairs between sections of fiber much easier.

3. What is directional boring? Directional boring is the method we use to dig the path for our underground fiber. The machine itself is large, but ultimately the drill head bores a small hole at the desired depth producing a cavity for our fiber duct with minimal above-ground disruption.

4. Why are they filling holes with sand in my yard? Our construction crews use sand to partially fill holes because it settles less than normal soil. Soil is layered on top of the sand, so your yard won’t appear to have been disturbed in any way.

5. What’s the box in the yard by the street? That’s a hand hole. Hand holes are placed periodically along the road in the case of underground installation. They provide access points to our fiber. We install them on or close to the property line and flush with the ground so you can mow right over them.

6. I’m not getting your services, so this won’t affect me, right? Bringing fiber to your area requires us to build past every home and down every street in your area. This is accomplished through construction in the right-of-way, which affects everyone to some extent. Having fiber service available to your home can also increase the value of your home.

7. What is the right-of-way? The right-of-way is the area legally designated for utility placement, sidewalks, and other public use. It is generally the land 25 feet to either side of the centerline of the road—approximately five to ten feet of yard adjacent to the street.

8. Will bad weather slow the project? Unfortunately, yes. Since this is an outside construction project, weather plays a large role in whether we can continue to have our crew on the job site day after day. Inclement weather will delay our work and keep our crews inside, not just because bad weather makes it tough to work, but also for their own safety. Bottom line, bad weather can delay the project.

9. Are there any communications about fiber construction in my area? Areas under construction will be receiving various communications prior, during and after construction. For example, prior construction you may see yard signs as well as during construction. Additionally, if your address is within the area of development, additional communications may include, direct mail, door hangers, among other channels of communications. We encourage you also to check your address for service availability by clicking the Check for Service button below this page.

10. I have more questions or need to report a problem. Who can I ask? As we’re building the fiber-optic network in your area, we understand you may have additional questions. Please submit your information through the link available under the Contact Us section of this site and we’ll gladly assist you.

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